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Marine Crew Benefits plans for Captains, Officers, and Crew Members

Insurance is more than a necessity, it’s a reward for the industry’s best employees. Show your officers and crew how much you value them by offering insurance specific to their needs. Working in the marine industry, we understand that there are no typical 9 to 5 working days. The unique lifestyle of a seafarer is quite different from someone who works ashore, so why settle for a land-based insurance plan that may not meet your specific requirements?

Marine Crew Benefits plans typically offer coverage for marine-related risks including continuous coverage on and off the ship, emergency evacuation/repatriation, winter and water sports coverage, and maternity and dependent options to name a few. Additionally, these plans offer simple billing and plan administration.

Our Insurance Specialists have the knowledge and expertise to craft the perfect marine crew benefits package that will not only help you enhance recruitment and increase morale but also manage turnover, performance, and productivity.


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About MHG

MHG Insurance introduced crew benefits to the cruise industry in 1991 and has since grown into a multi-discipline marine insurance brokerage and adviser. Our hard work and determination have improved the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of marine crew and their families, while also offering valuable attraction and retention incentives to marine employers.

MHG has worked with the international insurance industry and Lloyd’s of London to develop marine crew benefits programs that respond to marine-related risks and address attraction and retention issues. MHG has offices in both the U.S. and Europe, staffed with teams of Insurance Specialists who are experienced in the marine environment and are experts in the intricacies of all different types of marine crew benefits products and the regulations with which they must comply.

While we’re very proud of our achievements, we believe what sets us apart is the service provided to each client from the inquiry stage, through the claims process, and beyond. Our close relationships with the world’s leading insurance markets, flag states, and P&I clubs combined with an outstanding service team, has positioned MHG as the marine industry’s authority on crew benefits.


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